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Our appraisal solutions fit in your projects

Assessment center

The most complete and reliable appraisal at the service of people management and organizational needs in development projects, promotions or human resources reorganizations.

Our highly structured interviews, observation protocols and role-plays allow us to find high validity and significant evidence about behaviours in the participants.

Management audit

To retain, motivate and develop the management team requires a deep appraisal of their abilities, skills and proffesional interests; a comparison with the market and a detection of their alignment with the company strategy, particularly in corporate change processes.

Potential talent appraisal

To identify the potential of development in the company’s workforce  is a strategic need for many companies across all sectors, but particularly for the most competitive.

To promote internal development, energizes and motivates people, and allows to monitor and control high wage-costs resulting from external recruitment.

Focused interviews

With the aim to identify and assess the capabilities and competences profile of people to determine the degree of adjustment to current and future needs of the position and/or the organization.

They can be blended with individual business simulation exercises.


Our assessment on-line platform provides an exhaustive set of aptitude tests and competence questionnaires, which allow an evaluation and selection with the highest degree of reliability and validity in decision-making processes.

Users can access to the platform in an easy and simple way through Internet, but with the most modern identity management systems: Reports are obtained immediately by our clients. Different models of outputs and data depending on needs are available: pre-selection, self-assessment, development…

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